sweet--strawberries:you're really pretty

Thank you so much <3 

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emixlea:Thank you for answering our question!<3 It really is a very cute wig, and suits you a lot!

Thank you for sending a question <3 Have a lovely day! 

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virgin-babies:hey!! what contacts are you wearing in the sweet gyaru look? :)

Hello dear! The contacts are EOS Candy Brown, and I purchased them on LoveShoppingholics. Hope you have a great day 

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fearisthe-enemy:Hi ^^ I was wondering if you were naturally blonde? Because having this beautiful soft-pinky color seems to be impossible for brunette like me in my mind haha. Thx <3

Hello dearie! I’m not blonde at all! I’m a natural brunette. It took 5 packs of hair bleach to get my hair that light, and about 5 hours at the hair salon.

I recommend you seek a professional if you’d like to become a pastel girl. Save up some hard money so you can use the best products, which won’t damage your hair as much. Dilute stronger hairdyes with white cream to achieve the pastel color, or just dye it and wait for it to fade.

Good luck!

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